Wreath Lying Ceremony

On 26 April 2016, the representatives of the EOD Centre of Excellence LTC Augustin Cirjan and MAJ Pavel Truchly took part in a ceremony commenorating over 10,000 Romanian soldiers who faught heroically and sacrificed their lives for the liberation of the Slovak territory in World War II.

The ceremony organized by the Romanian Embassy in Bratislava in cooperation with the Office of Defence Attaché accredited in Slovakia and Honorary Consulate of Romania in Banska Bystrica took place in the Central Military Cemetery in the town of Zvolen.

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The 22nd MILENG WG Meeting

The 22nd MILENG WG Meeting


The Hellenic Directorate of the Engineers hosted the 22nd Military Engineering Working Group (MILENG WG) Meeting over the period 13-17 JUNE 2022, in Loutraki, Greece.
The aim of this group is to improve military engineering capabilities within NATO capability development framework.

23rd C-IED WG

23rd C-IED WG


The 23rd Counter-Improvised Explosive Devices Working Group (C-IED WG) Meeting was hosted by the Counter-Improvised Explosive Devices Centre of Excellence (C-IED COE) in Toledo (Spain) over the period 23-26 MAY 2022. The event was organized inside the Spanish Infantry Academy.
The aim of this group was to work on the NATO C-IED priorities in accordance with NATO Military Committee Land Standardization Board (MCLSB) guidance.

The European Land Robot Trial

The European Land Robot Trial


26 May 2022 LTC Damian Piorko, Head of EOD Technologies Department, visited Eggendorf, Austria where several teams from various countries test their robots at The European Land Robot Trial (ELROB).


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