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Transformation Networkhttp://transnet.act.nato.int
NATO  Army Armament Grouphttp://naag.hq.nato.int
Allied Command Operationshttp://www.aco.nato.int
NATO Advance correspondence courseshttps://jadl.act.nato.int
NATO Standardization Agencyhttps://nsa.nato.int
Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centrehttp://www.jallc.nato.int
NATO Lessons Learned portal, registration neededhttps://nllp.jallc.nato.int
JFTC Bydgoszcz, Polandhttp://www.jftc.nato.int
EOD COE in Slovak languagehttp://eod.mil.sk
Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republichttp://www.mil.sk
JCBRN COE, Czech Republichttp://jcbrncoe.cz/joomla/
C-IED COE, Spainhttp://www.coec-ied.es/
Command and Control COE, the Netherlandshttp://www.c2coe.org
Military Engineering (MILENG) COE, Germanyhttp://www.milengcoe.org
Cooperative Cyber Defense COE, Estoniahttp://www.ccdcoe.org
Naval Mine Warfare COE, Belgiumhttp://www.eguermin.org/coe/coe.asp
Center for Analysis & Simulation for the Preparation of Air Operation, FRAhttp://www.caspoa.org
Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) COE (The Netherlands)http://www.cimic-coe.org
Cold Weather Operations (CWO) COE, Norwayhttp://www.mil.no/fol/cwo/english/start/
Combined Joint Operations from the Sea (CJOS) COE, U.S.http://www.secondfleet.navy.mil/files/COE/cjos_coe_index.html
Confined and Shallow Waters COEhttp://www.coecsw.org
Defense Against Terrorism (DAT) COE, Turkeyhttp://www.coedat.nato.int
Human Intelligence (HUMINT) COE, Romaniahttps://transnet.act.nato.int/WISE/TNCC/CentresofE/HUMINT
Joint Air Power Competence Center (JAPCC) COE, Germanyhttp://www.japcc.de
Military Medical (MILMED) COE, Hungarywww.coemed.hu
Modelling and Simulation (M&S) COE, Italywww.mscoe.org
Mountain Warfare (MW) COE, Sloveniahttp://www.slovenskavojska.si/en/
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One of the main goals of the EOD COE is to provide training and education to the NATO/PfP community of interest with the focus on improving multinational EOD /IEDD capabilities.

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