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I do realize that there exists a lot of web sites dedicated to the EOD subjects, however, none of them provides you with the satisfaction of all requirements and needs. This website offers information access to databases areas:

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Establishment of cooperation with the Armed Forces Academy of the Slovak Republic

Establishment of cooperation with the Armed Forces Academy of the Slovak Republic


In line with the NATO EOD COE effort to increase the Centre’s cooperation with Academia, the Director of the NATO EOD COE Colonel Robert CSASZAR visited the Slovak Republic Armed Forces Academy (AFA) in Liptovsky Mikulas on 14 July 2021. the visit culminated by signing of the bilateral agreement that determines conditions for future beneficial cooperation between the NATO EOD COE and the SVK AFA.

HME-A Course in Military Training Area, Lešť

HME-A Course in Military Training Area, Lešť


From the 5th to 9th of July 2021 the NATO EOD COE organized the Homemade Explosives Course – Advanced. The course was performed with the assistance of Subject Matter Experts from Thermo Fischer Scientific (USA), EODD Company (NLD), Institute of Energetic Materials (University of Pardubice, CZE), EOD Group (BEL), 15th Engineering Regiment (CZE), the National Centre of EOD and CBRN (SVK) and the Engineer Battalion (SVK).

Visit of the German Defence Attaché

Visit of the German Defence Attaché


The Defence Attaché of Germany in Slovakia LTC (GS) Rüdiger Heinrich accompanied by 1st SGT Dennis Rudolf visited the EOD Centre of Excellence on 8th July 2021.uestions and answers session followed the fruitful discussion and focused on topics how COVID-19 affected the activities of the Centre and which new initiatives it has provoked such as better utilisation of virtual tools or focusing on online education and training activities.