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Welcome to the web site created to enable sharing of information within the EOD community. It is accessible to the entire professional EOD community at operational, tactical and strategic levels, scientists, people working in the field of training, execution, development and research, and companies dealing with the EOD products.

I do realize that there exists a lot of web sites dedicated to the EOD subjects, however, none of them provides you with the satisfaction of all requirements and needs. This website offers information access to databases areas:

  • Lessons learned from both operations and training
  • Training and education for current operations
  • Concept, doctrine and standardization development
  • Technologies, research and development

Some content of the website and information displayed are a password protected and access is granted only to the registered users. We very much appreciate your opinions, comments or any proposals to enhance the website.

Information on the website is UNCLASSIFIED and releasable to the EAPC (Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council) countries and the EUMS (European Union Military Staff). Sensitive information is open to registered users only, otherwise in compliance with Terms of Reference for this website.



8th EOD Workshop

8th EOD Workshop


he 8th EOD WS held on 05-06 May 2021 was an indirect continuum of the EOD LL seminars and workshops organised by the EOD COE since 2012. This year, the event designed for the EOD and related Communities of Interest was organised as an online event for the first time.

20th Military Engineering Working Group

20th Military Engineering Working Group


Due to the COVID-19 circumstances, the meeting was held as a video teleconference using the WebEx platform. The aim of MILENG WG was to improve military engineering capabilities within the NATO capability development framework. The next WG meeting will be held in Ingolstadt, Germany from 14 to 18 June 2021.

5th Military Engineering Annual Discipline Conference (MILENG ADC)

5th Military Engineering Annual Discipline Conference (MILENG ADC)


With respect to NATO’s Global programming principles, the NATO’s appointed MILENG discipline Requirement Authority (RA), Department Head (DH) and representatives of the MILENG discipline Education and Training Facilities (ETF) conducted the 5th MILENG ADC.