49th MCJSB Allied Joint Doctrine Working Group Meeting

The EOD COE representative Mr Peter DUDRA participated in the 49th Allied Joint Doctrine Working Group (AJOD WG) meeting held in the vicinity of the Hotel Almond, Gdansk, Poland from 21 to 24 MAY 2024 and organized by Doctrine and Training Centre of the Polish Armed Forces. Welcome words and opening address were provided by Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces, Major General Karol DYMANOWSKI, PhD. The aim of the AJOD WG meeting was to enhance NATO forces interoperability through the provision of joint operational level doctrine that included the development, review and harmonization of Allied joint publications (AJPs) and advise the Military Committee on Allied joint doctrine topics and issues. 

The  representative of Military Committee Joint Standardization Board provided update of direction and guidance to working groups for 2024 and confirmed that the priorities for doctrine validation includes AJP-3.18 Allied Joint Doctrine for Explosive Ordnance Disposal. 

NATO COEs Doctrine Activities were presented by ACT including the EOD COE support to NATO Explosive Ordnance Disposal Doctrine and Standard Development activities. The ACT  provided Allied Joint Doctrine Campaign Plan update including schedules for future reviews of AJPs.

The event was beneficial for the EOD Community of Interest. The AJOD WG  Chairperson, Colonel Slawomir CIESLEWICZ thanked representatives participating at the WG for their efforts.

The next WG meeting will be held in Brussels, NATO HQ, Belgium in OCT 2024. 


Text: Mr Peter DUDRA (Ret. COL)

Photo: Polish Doctrine and Training Centre


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