58th NATO EOD Working Group meeting

The EOD COE delegation represented by COL Császár, LTC  Hugyar, LTC  Jankura and CPT  Bak participated in the 58th NATO EOD Working Group meeting held in Eksjo, Sweden, from 6 to 10 MAY 2019.

Aim of the meeting was information exchange, review of ongoing tasks and update on EOD publications.

The members of the EOD COE presented Centre`s training activities, progress within the NATO Defence Planning Process focused on EOD Capability codes and Capability statements and invitation to attend the 7th NATO EOD Workshop that will be held in Trencin, Slovakia from 24 – 26 September 2019. Furthermore, they presented an overview of project that the Centre is responsible for the Integration of the Exoskeleton in the Battlefield sponsored by the NATO Defence against Terrorism Programme of Work. The centre as the team leader of NATO EOD WG Terminology Team introduced the achievements from the last EOD WG and updates of 35 EOD terminology entries that were approved or slightly modified by the members of the Terminology Team. The Director of EOD COE informed the members of the WG about the ambition of the EOD COE to take over the custodianship of AJP 3.18 – the Allied Joint Doctrine for EOD support to operations. Programme of the 58th EOD Working Group meeting included also a visit of the Swedish EOD Exercise and premises of Swedish EOD testing facilities.

The event was very beneficial for the EOD Community of Interest and the chairman of the EOD WG asked Director EOD COE to chair the 59th NATO EOD WG on his behalf. The next WG meeting will be held in Kiel, Germany, from 21 – 25 October 2019.   


Photo: LTC Milan JANKURA, SVK(A)

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