NATO Lessons Learned Conference 2024


NATO Lessons Learned Conference 2024 (NLLC24) was hosted by the NATO Joint Analysis Lessons Learned Center (JALLC) in Lisbon from 15 to 18 April 2024.

The theme for the NLLC24 was "NATO LL Capability Development in support of NATO 2030 efforts."

Plenary sessions covered topics from the NATO 2030 Agenda with a Lessons Learned (LL) aspect. During these sessions, leaders and subject matter experts discussed and presented in panel format or through individual presentations relating to Digital Transformation, LL sharing and Interoperability, and LL support to Capability Development, enabling the Alliance to conduct MultiDomain Operations (MDO). Other topics of interest included updates on the NATO LL Capability, Partners' experiences with LL, and insights on the latest technological developments of relevance to LL. The Ukrainian COE Boryviter presented its LL achievements and experiences from the training of the UKR Armed Forces at various areas and levels.

During the panel discussions, the representatives of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Centre of Excellence (EOD COE), Mr Juraj Halama and Mr Marian Lachyta, contributed their knowledge of LL.

In addition, the representative of EODCOE from the Slovak Republic, Mr. Halama, received the second-place award certificate from JALLC on behalf of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic for the highest number of Lessons Learned submitted to the NATO LL Portal. The certificate will be subsequently handed over to the respective Slovak military authority.  

Text: civ. Marian LACHYTA, civ. Juraj HALAMA
Photo: JALLC


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