Polish Armed Forces Military Engineers' Day

Based on the invitation of Chief of Military Engineering Directorate COL Wawrzyniak, the Director of EOD COE together with other NATO Chief Engineers attended the Polish Armed Forces Military Engineers’ Day in Warsaw.

Alongside this event the guests celebrated the 20th anniversary of the accession of the Poland to NATO. During this occasion, we visited the 2nd Combat Engineer Regiment in Kazun and received a full brief about the Polish engineer organization and its capabilities. It included also static and dynamic displays of equipment, MILENG and EOD proficiencies.

The great celebration continued with Holy Mass in the field Cathedral of the Polish Armed Forces and ended at the Sapper Monument, where the delegations laid flowers. The chief engineers used the opportunity to discuss and strengthen the mutual support of training as well as other common activities.


Text and photos: COL Róbert CSÁSZÁR, SVK(A)

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