The 26th MILENG WG Meeting

The Canadian Military Engineers and Canada’s Chief Military Engineer hosted the 26th MILENGWG meeting over the period of 17 to 21 JUNE 2024 at the Cartier Square Drill Hall in Ottawa.

This meeting priorities were to progress with the development of the NATO standards from MILENG WG portfolio (especially for Counter Mobility), to review all Terms of Reference, and to discuss observations of current events and the conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza, and how they could inform MILENG work in Terminology, Doctrine, Materiel, Information, Infrastructure, Counter-Mobility, and Force Protection.

Following the approved agenda, all the panels had fruitful discussions and debates. In the end, the chairman was able to report several improvements for MILENG community of interest, which are essential for current and future NATO operations.

The Director and the Head of Transformation Support Department from the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Centre of Excellence (EOD COE) participated to this event, bringing their contribution especially in the field of Terminology, Doctrine and Standardization.

The Centre will continue to support the MILENG WG and MILENG community of interest by including the EOD expertise in all the relevant activities.

“Interoperability is a question of Attitude!”

Text: MAJ Adrian PETER (ROU-A)

Photos: MAJ Adrian PETER (ROU-A)


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