Education and Training (E&T) Department

In Education and Training, EOD COE´s E&T department plays a role of unique catalyst for NATO and EOD community of interest. Considering EOD as a NATO’s Military Engineering discipline recognized specialist area, EOD COE E&T department supports NATO’s effort in Education, Training, Exercises and Evaluation (ETEE) policy.

Except enhancing NATO’s ETEE policy, EOD E&T department continuously analyzes, designs, develops, delivers and evaluates education and training solutions for diverse audience - EOD operators, EOD staff officers, Ammunition technicians, First responders, and all arms patrols, etc. 

To be efficient in dealing with NATO’s and customers’ demand the EOD COE´s E&T department consists of two branches – NATO EOD E&T branch and E&T branch. 

NATO E&T branch main effort is to supervise and support identified NATO’s military disciplines in EOD related Training Requirements Analysis (TRA) within the Global Programming Framework.

On the other hand, E&T branch role is to come up with solutions which can reduce the TRA defined E&T gaps at the EOD domain. Final goal of the E&T branch is deliver education using various teaching methods (classroom led lectures, hands on training, demonstrations etc.) including modern technologies as Advance Distributed Learning (ADL) is.