16th EOD COE 
Steering Committee

Event Date:
24-27 April 2018
HADIK Military Hotel, Budapest, Hungary
The Steering Committee is established for guidance, oversight and decisions on all matters concerning administration, policy and operations of the EOD Centre of Excellence.

The meeting will focus on Financial Statement 2017, Financial Audit 2017 Report, Standards of Fire Protection and updates on the EOD COE progress according to the POW.  

Target audience:
The participation is expected by all of the EOD COE Sponsoring Nations representatives and financial advisors, and representatives from NATO Allied Command Transformation (NATO ACT) and USEUCOM. 
3 days  
Rank limitations:
In line with the EOD COE Operational an d Functional MOUs, the Sponsoring Nations are asked to ensure that their representative is present on the Steering Committee meeting. This representative shall be in position to represent their nation in executive function, to ensure that the Steering Committee can fulfill its remit as laid out in the Operational MOU, Annec C; EOD COE Steering Committee Terms of Reference. In particular delegates should be fully prepapred to discuss and approve documents mentioned in para 2.
Security classification:
NATO Unclassified
All documents related to the event can be downloaded to all SC members electronically.

SC Secretary:
Mr Tibor HAMAR
Desk Phone: +421 960 333 563

Mr Jan PLINTA (EOD COE SC Administrative support):
Phone: +421-960-333-552 – desk
Fax: +421-960-333-504 / +421-960-333-509

OF-3 Zsolt OLÁH
HUN Gen. Staff. Ops. Dept. Engr. Prop.
Phone: +36 30 6955579
Fax: +36 1 474-1276