EOD/IEDD Equipment Catalogue

The NATO Explosive Ordnance Disposal Centre of Excellence maintains the Explosive Ordnance Disposal / Improvised Explosive Devices Disposal (EOD/IEDD) Equipment Catalogue. 

The main aim of this project is to facilitate search for suitable equipment for EOD specialists as well as to support other armament subject matter experts in their procurement work, when they seek for available solutions on the market. It is equally important to promote new technologies and advanced EOD equipment along with the operators’ practical experience from the field and real deployment. Having this kind of assessments/information at one central spot brings the full spectrum benefit to all those involved in this area of interests. It also provides an excellent opportunity for manufacturers to promote their products, highlight latest updates and technological progress to the EOD community.

The Technology Department as a part of the EOD COE is responsible for the catalogue, its operational functionality, accuracy and regular update. The catalogue splits products to several main categories like Detectors, ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles), Protection equipment, Tools and Active materials. 
In summer 2017, the EOD/IEDD Equipment Catalogue has been significantly changed and upgraded. Nowadays, the catalogue provides more information about EOD/IEDD equipment including brochures/leaflets, videos, training manuals and users’ opinion statistics. Moreover, it includes a discussion forum in order to facilitate information exchange (Q&A) among catalogue users. The EOD/IEDD Catalogue is a living database, which is updated on almost a daily basis and permanently growing. 

Technical data about equipment are mostly gathered through cooperation with producers/ dealers and additional information are obtained via collaboration with military entities. The user's opinion statistic represents experience and satisfaction with equipment. It also serves as feedback to producers, who may consider further improvement of their products or evaluate its reliability and lifecycle defects. This survey/observation is a data collection tool from a targeted group of people (EOD specialists) and it is gathered during the training events and activities, including the EOD COE, as well as other NATO EOD units who are willing to share their experience. 

We cordially invite every producer/manufacture/company working in the EOD area to contribute to the project as an excellent opportunity to promote their product and to deliver the best possible solutions to the operators. 

Any comments, proposals from catalogue users to improve the catalogue and get it user friendly are also warmly welcomed.


Structure of the EOD Equipment Catalogue