Homemade Explosives Course - Basic Train the Trainers                     


Calling Notice
Deadline 19 FEB 2018 !!!

19 MAR 2018 - 23 MAR 2018
Testing Ammunition Centre, Nováky, Slovakia

The aim of the Homemade Explosives Course – Basic Train the Trainers (HMEC-B T3) is to educate  instructors able to organize and execute an HME course on awareness level or with the support of an energetic materials chemist an HME course on basic level.
The graduates will be able to identify individual precursors of HME, final products, various equipment used in HME manufacture and indicators of a clandestine HME laboratory. They will be able to take the necessary safety precautions and report  HME-related incidents.
Graduates will be able to adapt this HME knowledge to fit the operational needs and deliver it on awareness level.
Course objectives:
The Learning Objectives of the course are as follows:
1.    Explain properties of HME and their precursors.
2.    Describe characteristics of HME labs.
3.    Examine HME challenges.
4.    Explain organizational matters related to course preparation and execution
5.    Explain practical scenario preparation
6.    Student`s Teach back
Depth of knowledge:
300 (on the basis of Bi-SC 75-7 Education and Individual Training Directive)
Course length:

5 days  (3 days classroom, 2 days hands-on training in the field)

Iterations per year:
Seats per iteration:
All ranks
Target audience:
EOD qualified personnel with basic knowledge related to HME (Has previously attended HMEC Basic or its equivalent). If the student has no previous HME education, he will be issued an HME Basic Course certificate and will be a non-participatory audience during the T3 part of the course. 
Security classification:
NATO/PfP Unclassified 
Language: English, desired level of language proficiency (SLP) 2222 in accordance with STANAG 6001 
Ammunition Testing Centre, Novaky, Slovakia
Course fee:
EOD COE Sponsoring Nations - CZE, HUN, POL, ROU, SVK: none
Others: 100 EUR per attendee
Major partners of this event are:
- Ammunition Testing Centre Nováky
- University of Pardubice, Faculty of Chemical Technology
- American Innovations, Inc

Course Director:
Phone: +421 960 333 561

Mr Ján Plinta
Phone: + 421 960 333 552