NATO EOD Staff Officers Training                                     


12 FEB 2018 - 23 FEB 2018
Trenčín, Slovakia

Calling Notice
Deadline 12 December 2017 !!!

09 APR 2018 - 20 APR 2018
Trenčín, Slovakia

Calling Notice
Deadline 09 March 2018 !!!

NATO EOD SOT is designed to educate and train non-qualified EOD staff officers to achieve basic level of proficiency in accordance with NATO and EU standards. EOD staff officer is able to plan, prepare, command, control and coordinate EOD operations within multinational operations at battalion and brigade levels of command.
Course objectives:
After successfully completion of the course, the graduates will be able to:
  • explosive ordnance (EO) by type and hazards
  • IED threat and its impact on operation

  • types of EOD incidents and task appropriate EOD assets to deal with them
  • state of command and how they are applied to the C2 EOD structure 
  • NATO EOD messages and reporting system
  • current NATO EOD publications

    Prioritize and plan EOR/EOD/IEDD operations.
    Plan, prepare and conduct the EOD/IEDD activities based on the multinational deployment.
    Conduct a threat analysis and mitigate (decrease) the impact of UXO in operations.
Depth of knowledge:
Apply (on the basis of Bi-SC 75-7 Education and Individual Training Directive)
Course length:

2 weeks (1 week of theory - EOD standards and procedures, 1 week of a practical training and exercises)

The ADL (Advanced Distance Learning) phase is an integral part of the course. The eLessons will be available to students via Internet from 22 January 2018.  The certificate on successful completion of the ADL course will be available for downloading and it is required to be submitted during in processing of the NATO EOD SOT. 
The ADL course should be completed NLT Sunday 11 February 2018.

For SOT Course in April:
The eLessons will be available from 19 March 2018, The ADL course should be completed NLT Sunday 08 April 2018.

Iterations per year:
Seats per iteration:
OF-1 to OF-4 and senior staff NCOs serving at HQs
Target audience:
Non-EOD educated personnel and/or EOD staff officers and senior NCOs with no or little experience in EOD staff duties. 
Security classification:
NATO/PfP Unclassified 
Language: English, desired level of language proficiency (SLP) 2222 in accordance with STANAG 6001 
EOD Centre of Excellence, Olbrachtova 5, 911 01 Trenčín, Slovakia
Course fee:
EOD COE Sponsoring Nations - CZE, HUN, POL, ROU, SVK: none
Others: 100 EUR per attendee

Major partners of this event are:
- C-IED Centre of Excellence, Madrid, Spain
Joint CBRN Defence Centre of Excellence, Czech Republic
- Military Academy Vyškov, Czech Republic
- National EOD and CBRN Centre, Slovak Republic
- CBRN battalion, Slovak Armed Forces
- Swedish Armed Forces



Course Director:
Phone:+421 960 333 531

Mr Ján Plinta
Phone: + 421 960 333 552