Home-Made Explosives Course - Advanced


01 JUL - 05 JUL 2019

MTA Lešť, Slovakia
Calling Notice
Deadline 26 APR 2019!!! 

08 JUL - 12 JUL 2019

MTA Lešť, Slovakia
Calling Notice
Deadline 26 APR 2019!!!

The HME Advanced Course introduces responding personnel to the precursors used by criminals and terrorists in the manufacturing process of homemade explosives, along with the synthetized finished explosive mixtures. Students learn to identify the hazards of mixed or partially mixed precursor chemicals, identify unknown materials and related hazards, process a scene for evidentiary purposes and safely remove and dispose of these hazards. 
Course objectives:
After successfully finishing the course the graduates will be able to:
1.    Explain properties of HME and their precursors.
2.    Demonstrate HME manufacturing Processes and equipment.
3.    Operate equipment supporting HME scene processing.
4.    Process clandestine explosives laboratory.
Students should be aware that the HMEC-A is aggressively scheduled (extremely busy) course that also requires evening and/or night classes/training. 
Depth of knowledge:
300 ((on the basis of Bi-SC 75-7 Education and Individual Training Directive)
Course length:
5 days  (40% theory, 60% hands-on training)
Iterations per year:
Seats per iteration:
All ranks
Target audience:
Applicants should preferably be EOD Qualified personnel, WTI specialists or SOF from NATO/PfP countries.
Security classification:
NATO Unclassified
Language: English, desired level of standard language proficiency (SLP) is 2222 (in accordance with STANAG 6001)
Military Training Area Lešť, Slovakia
Course fee:
EOD COE Sponsoring nations (CZE, HUN, POL, ROU, SVK): None
Non-EOD COE Sponsoring nations: 285 € per attendee
Major partners of this event are:
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), National Centre for Explosives Testing and Research (NCETR)
Alluviam LLC (HazMasterG3)
Thermo Fisher Scientific
University of Pardubice, Faculty of Chemical Technology
SWEDEC (Swedish EOD and Demining Centre)
Course Director:
OF-2 Jan Tarnoci (SVK-A)
Phone: +421 960 333 561

• Action Officer:
Phone: +421 960 333 552